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Bulk Food Inc. 3 inch Cinnamon Sticks

Bulk Food Inc. 3 inch Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon is the dried bark of various laurel trees. Cinnamon sticks are made from long pieces of bark that are rolled, pressed, and dried. Possibly most the common baking spice, Cinnamon has a sweet and woody fragrance and is used in cakes, cookies, and desserts. Cinnamon is often paired with apples and used in other fruit and cereal dishes. Stick Cinnamon is also used in pickling and for flavoring hot beverages.
This product is available in multiple sizes and/or colors. See the table below for options.

Ingredients: Cinnamon.**This product has no significant nutritionalvalue per 1/4 tsp serving.
Country of Origin: Indonesia

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