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ADM Double Active Baking Powder Aluminum Free

ADM Double Active Baking Powder Aluminum Free

Double Acting Baking Powder (Aluminum Free) consists of baking soda, one or more acid salts (cream of tartar and sodium aluminum sulfate) plus cornstarch to absorb any moisture so a reaction does not take place until a liquid is added to the batter. Double-acting baking powder reacts to liquid and heat in two stages. The first reaction takes place when you add the baking powder to the batter and it is moistened. The second reaction takes place when the batter is placed in the oven. Because of the two stages, baking of the batter can be delayed for about 15-20 minutes without it losing its leavening power. Each case consists of fifty pounds.

Ingredients: Sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodiumbicarbonate, corn starch, monocalciumphosphate.**Manufactured on the same line as productscontainwheat, milk, soy and sulfites.
Size: 50lb
Manufacturer Number: 240047
Country of Origin: United States

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