Wood Cutting Supplies

Logging and Woodcutting Supplies

Axes, Hatchets, and Mauls Axes, Hatchets and Mauls
Axes, Hatchets and Splitting Mauls made in the USA
Clevises Clevises
Utility, Straight, Twist, Tee Handle & Screw Pin
Dixie Cant Hooks Dixie Cant Hooks
Available in five lengths
Dixie Log Jack Dixie Log Jack
Professional quality multi-use tool
Dixie Peavys Dixie Peavys
Available in two lengths
Dixie Skidding Tongs Dixie Skidding Tongs
Available in four sizes
Dixie Timber Carrier Dixie Timber Carrier
Used for transporting heavy timbers and logs
Pulleys Pulleys
Swivel, Scissor & Gable
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Logging and Woodcutting Supplies