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Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

Mason Jar Fermentation Kit
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Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

3 Liter Glass Fermenting Jar
1 Wooden Lid
1 Airlock and Bung
2 Ceramic Stones
Recipes and Instructions

Mason jar vegetable fermentation has never been easier. This kit includes everything you need to make perfect living probiotic foods right in your kitchen. Simply prepare your vegetables and brine and place them in the jar. Submerge the contents with weights, place the wooden lid on the jar and add the bung and airlock to the top. Fill the airlock with water, a sterile solution, or alcohol. It's the easy and healthy way to create nutritious sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, and so much more! Recipes are included with this kit. Kit comes with a 3 liter fermenting jar, wooden lid, airlock and bung, and two ceramic weighting stones.

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